About me

Born in Barcelona, ​​doughter of musician parents, English and Catalan, Paula Waters grew up in an environment immersed in everything related to art and music. As a child, her mother took her to see exhibitions with her younger brother and the father tried to teach her how play music. Finally, the interest in plastic arts was bigger, fortunately, since, in her case, the musical skill jumps a generation … Once the path had been decided but without being too clear what to do, she started architecture studies where he immediately decided that what she actually wanted to do was design on a much smaller scale.

And here everything begins.

She studies artistic jewelery at the Escola d’Art del Treball (now La Industrial) and extends her studies at the School of Arts and Crafts with courses of High Jewelry and related Techniques applied to jewelry. Later she studied Stone setting at the Massana School.

Her artistic interests are not only nourished by jewelery, intrusions in the world of ceramics, painting, fabric, origami, computer design etc. are also reflected in her jewelry.

“My passion for jewelry is always latent in everything I do, I constantly think of how I can include surprise, sensations, emotions, beauty … in the jewels. Everything is inspiring, materials, techniques, nature, personal or others personal stories … that’s why often the name of each collection refers to the creative start point, a type of flower, the name of a person or a melody…

I like jewelry, besides being beautiful and emotional, to be unique as an added value of exclusivity, that’s why most collections are short series of pieces made one by one, with very acurate finishing. “

Paula Waters