COURSE at La Industrial:

Sustainable plastic applied to jewelry, Bioplastic and Upcycling.

We will learn to transform waste plastic in a creative way, with heat, cutting and joining techniques to make jewelry (Upcycling).

We will “cook” biodegradable plastic (Bioplastic) and also propose sustainable alternatives to the use of epoxy resins or silicones.


Upcycling, recycled plastic applied to jewelry.

Aimed at creative minds who want to create jewelry with plastic materials in a sustainable way.♻️💍 We will learn to identify the different types of plastic, their properties and the most appropriate techniques to handle them.

Based on the principles of the circular economy, we will use only scrap plastic, reused, or found to make recycled and recyclable jewelry.

Introduce circularity ♻️ into your creations and learn to design as you think.

7 sessions of 60 minutes

video (in Spanish) and live virtual classroom (Catalan / Spanish / English)
price 135 euros

For pre-registration and inquiries, write in the link form.